The reason and solution that automaic soap dispenser no liquid

July 04, 2020

Currently, kitchen sink and bathroom sink are generally equipped with soap dispensers, which facilitates the use of the sinks and improves the space utilization rate of the sinks. So how to use and maintain the soap dispenser is very important.

For the manual soap dispenser, need to add some clean water before using it for the first time. To discharge the vacuum.

Why our soap dispensers no liquid out?

1. Maybe the concentration of liquid added is too high. In this case, we need to dilute the liquid.

2.Check if impurities exist in liquid. If there is dust or other impurities in the liquid, the outlet is easily blocked. If it is observed that the liquid has deteriorated, please replace it in time.

3.Not used for a long time, causing the liquid to condense. If there is not much liquid left in the soap dispenser, you can add some warm water to stir. If you add warm water stir but don't work, the soap dispenser needs to be wash by warm water.

Generally, the soap dispensers that are frequently used are not prone to the above problems.