August 28, 2020

Mechanical Industry

Lubricating oil/hydraulic oil/quench oil/emulsion cooling system of mechanical equipment:

During the operation of the machine, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will increase after frequent work. In order to ensure the process, the return hydraulic oil needs to be cooled and recycled for use.

  1. Injection molding machine oil cooling: hydraulic oil cooling
  2. Diesel engine oil cooling: lube oil cooler
  3. Oil cooling of large compressors and pumps: oil cooler, the model varies according to the size of the unit


The plate heat exchangers have been widely used in various processes in the chemical industry due to their high heat exchange efficiency, compact size, easy disassembly and maintenance, and easy capacity expansion at any time.

Inorganic chemistry:

  1. Heating, cooling, evaporation and condensation of inorganic acid, alkali solvent, salt
  2. Heating and cooling of various concentrations of alkali solvent and electrolyte in the alkali industry
  3. Sulfuric acid cooling
  4. Desalination process, heat recovery device

Organic chemistry:

  1. Closed circuit cooling water system
  2. Absorption (washing) system
  3. Heating, cooling, condensation and reboiling of heat transfer liquid
  4. Heating of various intermediate products (monomers) of materials containing small solid particles and a small amount of fiber, cooling formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol
  5. Lean liquid cooler, ammonia water cooler: Use plate heat exchanger instead of large tube heat exchanger, the cooling effect is very obvious, and it's convenient to maintenance.

Food  & Beverage

Sterilization in the processing of food and beverage heating, evaporation, crystallization, and beer. In the food and beverage industry, the plate heat exchanger is used in the heating of clear juice, the heating of thin juice in the exudation method, the heating of syrup molasses before entering the tank, and the final cooling of the molasses (before entering the waste honey tank).

  1. Beverage production: heating/cooling of fruit juice, raw fruit juice, syrup water, extracted water, thick/dilute fruit juice, syrup, etc.;
  2. Milk pasteurization
  3. Edible oil production: edible oil heating/cooling, fatty acid cooling
  4. Beer production

Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Water bath sterilization cabinet: In the sterilization cabinet, the plate heat exchanger is used for heating and cooling, that is, the two working conditions (high temperature sterilization, post cooling) are intermittently realized in the same equipment,high requirements for heat exchanger pressure capacity and gasket quality.
  2. Pharmaceutical factory: heating, evaporating, condensing and sterilizing cooling of various liquid medicines and pure water. Condensation recovery of organic matter, emulsion cooling, suspension heating, citric acid heating, infusion cooling, vitamin process.


  1. Water cooling: central cooling (fresh water cooler), piston coolant cooling, jacket cooling, water heater, centralized heater.
  2. Oil cooling system: lubricating oil cooling, transmission oil cooling, heavy fuel oil preheating, diesel preheating, etc.

New energy

Fuel ethanol (deep processing of corn and potato): In the mash saccharification, liquefaction, and fermentation stages, the mash cooler at each stage has high viscosity and solid content of the heat exchange medium, which requires high selection of heat exchange equipment.