300ML Bamboo Fiber Bamboo Fibre Reusable Degradable Coffee Cup Coffee Mug with Silicone Lid and Sleeve

Environmentally friendly- Bamboo is a fast growing renewable, recyclable resource. Bamboo fibre travelling coffee cups are high quality, long lasting, reusable and renewable.

  • Healthy and Safe Travelling coffee cups made from bamboo fibre are healthy and safe for the whole family. They are non-toxic and BPA free. BPA is a toxic chemical found in many plastics products and can cause a range of health conditions such as reproductive disorders, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. So not only are bamboo travelling coffee mugs better for the environment , but they are also better for your health.
  • Durable, long lasting and comfortable to use- Bamboo Fibre coffee mugs are durable and long lasting. They are dishwasher safe and include a screw on bamboo fibre lid to prevent any leaks. The travel mug is odourless and tasteless and also includes a silicone grip, so you don’t burn your fingers from the heat of your hot beverage. The cup is the perfect way to enjoy a coffee or hot beverage!
  • Perfect Gift- Travelling coffee mugs are a perfect gift. Not only are they good for the environment they are also bright, colourful and come in beautiful packaging. Share your love of coffee and hot drinks with your friend, colleague, partner, spouse or fellow eco warrior.
  • Make the switch to Bamboo Fibre coffee mugs- Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day and throw away 25 billion Styrofoam cups each year! By switching to an affordable recyclable reusable bamboo fibre travel mugyou can significantly reduce your environmental waste and make a difference to the environment. Making the switch is easy and affordable, join the eco revolution today and reduce your plastic consumption by purchasing a bamboo fibre travelling coffee cup.

Product description

Bamboo fibre travelling coffee cups are the natural choice for any coffee lover who wants to make an environmentally choices. 

Product highlights
- Top quality material 
- Made from Bamboo Fiber and Corn Powder
- Come in a range of fun designs and colours
- Light weight and durable
- Non-toxic- BPA free
- Plastic free
- Affordable 
- 18 oz
- Height, width, diameter bottom, diameter top

Why is bamboo good for the environment? 
Bamboo is a fast growing, self-regenerating grass and is an amazing green resource. Because bamboo grows quickly which allows the formation of forests much faster compared to most other tree species. Because of the durable nature of bamboo, it can easily be used to replace the plastic in everyday house hold products. Choosing bamboo fiber products is an easy way to make your house hold more environmentally friendly.

Environmental benefits of the cup
Did you know that half of the world’s plastic goes into products that are used only once, which creates a staggering amount of waste. 500 billion disposable coffee cups are produced every year and are typically used only once! Using a travelling coffee cup made from a renewable resource such as bamboo is an amazing way to significantly reduce the amount of plastic you use each year. Become an eco-warrior today and enjoy your coffee, tea or hot beverage with the peace of mind that you are drinking from an earth conscious product. 

Enjoy your coffee AND with a bamboo fibre travelling coffee cup