*Custom* PHE Gasket Plate Heat Exchanger

Wisewater PHE is formed up by a set of corrugated metal plates. The corrugated plates are mounted in a frame with a fixed plate on one side and a movable pressure plate and pressed together with tightening bolts. The corrugated plates serve not only to raise the level of turbulence but also provide numerous supporting points to withstand the pressure difference between the media. The material of gasket from designated material supplier protection groove for the gasket “roof type” gasket profile high temperature solidifying epoxy resin glue, or glue-free gasket.


【High heating transferring coefficient 】As the flowing made in the plate pack forms up turbulence at low Re and the smooth plates have little possibility of forming scale, the plate heat exchanger has a heat transferring coefficient over 5000W/m2k, which is 2-4 times that of the shell-and-tube exchanger.
High heat recovery rate Thanks to the high heat-transferring coefficient, the heat transferring temperature difference can be very low Therefore, it is very well suited to low energy level heat recovery. Normally heat recovery using a plate heat exchanger can be as high as 90%.
Fixation and sealing  Functions of fixation and sealing of the clip-on gasket are separate. Therefore, even if fixation goes wrong the gasket retains its sealing function.


The plate heat exchangers are widely applied in the following applications.

1. Metallurgical Industry
2. Power Generating Industry
3. Chemical Engineering Industry
4. HVAC Industry
5. Light Industry And Textile/Paper Industry
6.Electronics Industry
7. Automotive Industry
8. Pharmaceutical Industry
9. Food Processing Industry
10. District Heating

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