Shell and Tube Engine Oil Coolers EC

Alfa Engine Oil Coolers are suitable for cooling torque converter, automatic transmission and engine oils. Being water-cooled they have the advantage of freedom from accidental damage and also encourage quicker warming up of the oil. The tube stack is fully floating so that thermal stresses are minimized and it can easily be removed should cleaning be necessary. Our Engine Oil Coolers adopts thread pipe design, the contact area is larger. The integrated design can avoid the trouble of water and oil mixing. Its material is all stainless steel welded, so it has stronger corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the stainless steel 316L coolers suitable for low-temperature seawater environments(temperature below 15 degrees C).


  1. Materials(3 Types): Stainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316L, Titanium
  2. Max Working Pressure on Oil Side: 2.5MPa(360PSI)
  3. Max Working Pressure on Water Side: 1.5MPa(218PSI)
  4. DesignTemperature: 150 degrees C
  5. Cooling Water Connector: 40mm/1 1/2'' BSPT
  6. Engine Oil Connector: 1/2'' & 3/4" BSPT

*Customization Service

We produce customized applications on different working pressure and temperature.

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