Interactive Ball Launcher, Tennis Ball Thrower for Dog Training and Playing, Automatic Dog Feeder

This fantastic product is an interactive toy for dogs, which can be rewarded with food by picking up the ball from the ground and putting the ball into the treat dispenser.
The dog puts the solid ball into the treat dispenser from the top entrance, then the ball rolls out from the front exist, while the food is released from the side. The dog gets food as a reward, enjoying playing with the interactive toy even without you aside.
This product uses a solid tennis ball with a diameter of 60 mm. Please make sure your dog can hold this kind of ball by its mouth.
It is recommended to fill round grain dog food with a diameter of about 6mm into the treat dispenser, which can get the best performance of releasing food.

*Timber security odor-free environment
*Free of heavy metal and hazardous substances
*CE certification, in line with EU Standards
*No power supply is required.

*1 Reward Machine
*1 Tennis Ball
*1 Instruction