Multi Stage Shower Filter for preventing Hair Loss,with 2 replacement cartridges for hard water, reducing Chlorine, Heavy Metals & Toxins, Chrome

Protect Your Gorgeous Skin!

Your skin is more than just a beautiful part of your body!  It is your largest organ and is responsible for so many important functions. Unfortunately, the latest research shows that chlorine and other toxins in your shower water are negatively affecting your skin’s health.  In fact, studies show that shower water is up as one of the biggest indoor air pollutants!

We created our deluxe WiseWater 15 Stages Water Filter to combat the harmful substances coming through your showerhead.  Our proprietary mix of WiseWater SF-7L , Active Carbon, Vitamin C, and Calcium Sulfite effectively removes chlorine, chloramines, and other harmful toxins in your shower water.  We are so excited for you to enjoy the many health benefits from taking safer showers!

The Science Behind the Filter Magic:

The Alkaline, Minerals, and Ion balls will remove bacteria, chemicals, mercury, and zinc.

The Calcium Sulfite, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, and WiseWater SF-7L used in our shower filter system will effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, and other impurities in your shower water.

The PP Cotton and Stainless Steel layers eliminate sand, mold, rust, and algae.

The Vitamin C, Tourmaline, and Zeolite help to reduce fluoride and increase pH levels in your water.