PEX Tubing 1/2" 300ft Coil EVOH Oxygen Barrier - Red Pex Pipe for Radiant Floor Heating

AB PEX pipes are a sturdy yet flexible option for plumbing and heating applications. Because of its flexibility, it is easier and faster to install than brass or bronze pipes. This innovative tubing is made with cross-linked polyethylene, making it resistant to corrosion, build-up, freeze-breakage, and chlorine. Unlike typical metal pipes and other brands of PEX, our PEX pipes don't leach chemicals, odors, or taste into the water. Oxygen can cause parts in the system to rust and corrode, so the Oxygen Barrier PEX is vital to keeping your system in good shape. The oxygen barrier also helps to prevent algae and bacteria growth in the system. This type of pipe works quietly, so no water hammer is required to decrease noise. The product is marked every 5ft for your convenience. This product has a 30 year warranty against manufacturer's defects.
Certifications and approvals: CSA B137.5, ASTM F876/877, ANSI/NSF 61-G, NSF-pw

Product Information

Size 1/2" Grade PEX-b Amount 300ft
Volume Gal./100ft 0.92 Pressure ratings 100psi @ 180F
 160psi @ 73.4F
  80psi @ 200F
(when coiled)
22" x 22" x 6"
Inside Diameter 0.475" Outside Diameter 0.625" Weight 17.3lb

FAQ and Support
Tips for installation:
When using PEX for radiant floor heating, make sure you check the system for any leaks. You can test the system by running a pressure test with a pump for 24 hours. If the pressure is the same after 24 hours is up, then your system is leak-free and ready to go. If there is a pressure drop during the test period, find the source of the leak and fix it.

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