Snorkel Set, Anti-Fog Tempered Glass Adult Snorkel Mask, Anti Leak Dry Top Snorkel Panoramic Silicone Goggle for Snorkeling & Scuba Diving , Professional Frameless & Full Silicone Mask


Package Dimensions: 14.17 inch*7.87 inch*2.36 inch

This upgraded version, the entire frame skirt of the mask is completely made of food-grade silicone material to replace the original plastic material, it fits the face more effectively to reduce the pressure on your face. More Safer and security. And we have designed a variety of unique and beautiful colors to choose from, suitable for your friends and family to experience together, giving you a wonderful holiday beach trip! 


This Snorkel Mask is totally frameless, Replaces the Original Plastic Frame with Silicone, Which Fits the Face make you feel More Comfortably and Without Pressure. It Is Suitable for Longtime Snorkeling and Deeper Diving Activities, and Comfort-fit Liquid Silicone Skirt for Water-tight Seal, You Can Enjoy the Beauty of the Corals Under the Sea.

100% Leak-Fog Design, Our Lenses Are Equipped with a Premium Anti-Fog Film to Prevent Fogging, and It has Adjustable strap For Any face, Fits All Men Women Youth, You can Easily Adjust to Fit your face.

Dry Top Snorkel will Actually Prevent Water from Coming in and Let air in, Flexible Corrugated Hoses Have a Faster Reaction Speed that can be Quickly Opened or Closed to Prevent Sand Blocking, Help you Breathe Smoothly Under Water.

The Diving Goggles Provides Wider Clear Sea Vision, and The Wide-Angle Glass Lenses can Stand Deep Water Pressure.


We Provide 1-year quality Assurance Service if you have Any Questions and Dissatisfaction, Please Contact Us, Make your purchase more assured!



1. When you use it for the first time, please tear off the first film on the glass before using it. This film is to better protect the glass during transportation, prevent scratches.

2. Our masks are not only suitable for diving or snorkeling activities! Many users wear snorkeling masks to swim conventional swimming pools, they are very suitable for children or people with sensitive eyes.

3. This design is simple and generous, fully wrapped in silicone, and there is no structural design that blocks the view on the side, giving you a wider view of 180 °.

4.Anti-fog and anti-scratch technology –It can effectively protect the lens surface from being scratched when it encounters the resistance of sharp objects in the water, and protects your eyes from being injured.

5. The breathing tube adopts a safe water-gas separation design and a three-channel design. If the diver dives below the surface, the fully dry breathing tube can be completely sealed. The high-quality mouthpiece is made of durable, soft silicone that won't cut or squeeze uncomfortably in the diver's mouth.