WiseWater 10pcs Vacuum Storage Bags(2x Jumbo, 2x Large, 2 x Medium, 2x Small,1x 3D,1x hand roll) , Space Saver Compression Bags with Hand Pump

Variety sizes:10Compression Bags Pack:2 Jumbo (40x30in)+2 Large (32x24in)+2 Medium (28x20in)+2 Small (24x16in)+1 3-dimensional (48x32in) +1 hand roll (24x16in) with no hole to accommodate your different size clothes and bedding.
Tight vacuum design: Wisewater Space Saver Bags adopts a double zipper seal lock and a three-seal turbo valve design; compared with the conventional bag thickness of 30%, the strict seamless processing reduces air leakage and can effectively waterproof.
Superior Quality: Space bags are made of high-quality and thick BOPA + PE materials, which are very durable and can be reused many times. Protect your items from mold, mildew, dust and bacteria.
Hand pump included: A manual vacuum pump is included, which is easy to pump and can be used in conjunction with any standard vacuum cleaner; it is convenient to travel and carry.
Usage and space: The soft and durable material ensures the flow of gas; it can be sealed for a long time; store quilts, blankets, clothes, pillows, etc., and place them wherever you want, which can save up to 80% of travel and family space.

About Size
3-dimensional (48x32in): Store winter clothing, bulk fabric, folding mattress toppers, large cushions, dog beds, etc
Jumbo Size (40" x 30"): Store double duvets, pillows, towels, curtains, clothes, stuffed toys and etc. Even your biggest quilt or blanket will put snugly in jumbo bags! It will allow you to pack away a large amount of bedding or wardrobes.
Large Size (32" x 24"): Store a significant number of clothes, chunky sweaters, down jackets, or items like thick towels and curtains. When it comes to bedding, you can fit pillows or bedsheets, but not much more into a bag this size.
Medium Size (28" x 20"): Store some clothes, pillows or some towels. You can use it for sweaters (chunky winter sweaters maybe need a Large size), but it isn’t big enough for bedding.
Small size (16 "x 24"): Store a few small items like light clothes, scarfs, pillowcases or towels.

Warm Tips
1.Don't store food, leather, or fur items in these bags. Don't store items with sharp corners. 2.Make sure that all items are dry before packing them.
3.Try not to let your item exceed the stop line.
4.To ensure that the zipper is completely sealed, slide your fingers along the zipper track and press down. You should be able to feel if any areas are not sealed.
5.Make sure the rubber stopper is fitted.
6.If the air seeps in after 1-2 days, you need to check again whether the seal is good (Is there any hair or sundries in the zipper).