WiseWater Soap Dispenser Stand, Liquid Dispenser Stand Height Adjustable for Garage, Office, School

Mobile Soap Dispenser Stand: Can be moved at any time when needed, no need to install on the wall.
Adjustable Height: Freestanding telescopic lifting stand with an adjustable height from 47.2 to 61.7 inches. Easy to adjust the dispenser position to your best-preferred height for maximum comfort.
Easy Assembly: Put your portable dispenser stand together with ease by following our easy, five-step assembly instructions with no tools necessary. The mounting plate size is 5.9* H 21.85* 0.08 inch,can be adjusted for most soap dispensers.
Material: This station stand is made of heavy-duty iron, and with powder coating on the outside, rustproof, anti-corrosion and durable, and the stand is equipped with iron reinforced base, placed on the ground is more stable and will not shake.

Our Soap Dispenser stand is suitable for high traffic areas, such as lobbies, restaurants, schools, universities and church, gyms, office, buildings, malls, store, is essential for business re-open.

Product telescopic height:47.2inch~61.7inch
Mounting plate size: W 5.9inch* H 21.85inch, thickness 0.08inch
Round Base diameter: 16.5inch
Round Base height: 1.18 inch

Package Include
1× Wrench
1×Mounting Plate
1×Round Base
1× Octagonal Screw
1× L-shaped screw
1× Installation Instruction.
3× Nut
1× Phillips screw
1× Drip catcher
2×Telescopic rod

Install Instructions
Step 1: Connect the base plate and the lower pole assembly with the base plate fixing screw and fasten it;
Step 2: Install the upper pole assembly onto the thin pole of the lower pole assembly, adjust the pole to the appropriate height, and then tighten the upper and lower adjusting nuts;
Step 3: Fix the backplate to the pole with the accompanying fixing screw;
Step 4: Fix the mounting plate of soap dispenser or sterilizer to the backplate with screws and nuts;
Step 5: Put the drip pan on backplate, installation finished.