Increase Efficiency With Compact and Highly Reliable Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

September 23, 2019

When it comes to optimizing heat transfer, brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) are considered to be one of the best in the business. Designed to provide unparalleled performance with the lowest life-cycle cost possible, these rugged, compact heat exchangers are constructed as a plate package of corrugated channel plates — with filler between each plate. During the vacuum-brazing process, the filler material forms a brazed joint at the contact points between the plates, which creates complex channels. The brazed plate heat exchanger allows media at different temperatures in order to come into close proximity separated by channel plates, thus ensuring highly efficient heat transfer from one media to be to the other. The concept is pretty much similar to the old plate and frame technology —the only difference is there are no gaskets or frame parts involved.

Choosing brazed technology for your next heating project can provide you with a variety of advantages. Here are some of them -

  • Efficiency

Because there is no need for gaskets or supporting equipment, about 95% of the material can be used to transfer heat. The highly turbulent flow also allows you to use small temperature differences — efficiently.

  • Reliability

No need for gaskets also eliminates the risk of leakage, and you get stable thermal and hydraulic performance with minimal maintenance and operational downtime.

  • Flexibility

Brazed plate heat exchangers use less space and make system designs more flexible. Larger installations can be constructed unit-by-unit, and it is easier to expand capacity when demand rises. Also, the heat exchangers are easy to service and maintain.

  • Cost-effectiveness

You save on energy, installation, maintenance, and spare parts. The life-cycle cost of brazed plate heat exchangersover 15-20 years is generally half that of a corresponding gasket solution.

ALFA Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

ALFA has more than 25 different variants of brazed plate heat exchangers. Built with high-quality stainless steel 316L and copper, ALFA’s heat exchangers produce a counter-current flow in order to offer users maximum heat efficiency. Thin copper tubing can bend and crack and a poorly constructed coil immersion chiller can take hours to chill wort, causing water to rush out where it should not. Our durable brazed plate cools wort within minutes — without causing any leakage or other problems.

Opting for cheap quality materials can cause problems in your heating system, which is why when shopping for brazed plate heat exchangers online, shop only with the most trusted brands in heating systems. Shop with ALFA! We have the skills and expertise to provide you with the most appropriate solutions for your heating projects.