August 21, 2023

Vehicles, particularly those with turbocharged engines, generate a significant amount of heat. This heat is not merely an inherent byproduct of the engine's function but also a potential stumbling block for your vehicle's performance. Without efficient cooling, heat can cause damage to engine components and limit your vehicle's output. 

Enter the oil cooler, also known as an intercooler, a simple yet ingenious device designed to maintain your engine's optimum operating temperature. This radiator-like device absorbs heat from the oil as it cools the engine. After the heat is absorbed, it's routed through a chiller before being reintroduced to the engine, maintaining a continuous cooling cycle. 

The Evolution of Intercoolers

Intercoolers have traditionally been air-to-air, using ambient air to cool down the hot charge air. However, there's another type of intercooler, often used in high-performance engines that require more efficient cooling; thewater to air intercooler

The water intercooler has emerged as a game-changer, offering enhanced cooling efficiency over traditional air-to-air systems. Given its design and functionality, it is commonly found in performance engines that cannot be cooled by water, necessitating an alternate cooling system.

Benefits of Water-to-Air Intercoolers

An air to water intercooler kit stands out as an alluring upgrade to your vehicle for several reasons. 

  1. Enhanced Cooling Efficiency: The water-to-air intercooler leverages the superior thermal conductivity properties of water, offering improved cooling efficiency compared to traditional air-to-air systems.
  1. Compact Size: Despite its enhanced performance, a water intercooler is more compact than its air-to-air counterparts, providing more placement flexibility in the vehicle.
  1. Consistent Performance: The water to air intercooler system can maintain a more consistent intake temperature, which leads to consistent power output from the engine.

Further Adaptability with Oil Cooling System

The power of a water to air intercooler becomes even more pronounced when combined with a modified oil circulation system. The resulting system necessitates a larger oil capacity and a higher oil pump flow rate, but it allows the integration of an oil-air oil cooler, an investment that pays off in the form of superior engine performance.

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