Wall-Mount Radiators


1. Corrosion-resistant aluminum with a specific formulation

2. Aluminum itself has nature character of fast temperature rising, high thermos-efficiency, low consumption. Convection, conduction and radiation module.

3. Melted in 1350° F and forged with 800T-1000T Die-casting machine 4. To avoid the problems of welded seam corrosion and coefficient of the thermal expansion.

5. Internal corrosion spray painting technology guarantees safe usage in water.

6. Make the products dry, smooth, durable and hard to change color after its surface completing electrostatic spray, and baking process. Will not release any harmful substance when using.

7. Module assembled. Easy to increase or decrease the module. Hided scald-proof design for water course which guarantees the safe usage under 250° F heating system.

Invest in the best wall-heater today from Alfa Heating Company. The best solution for homes that lack radiator manifolds is to provide warmth in the colder months. The wall-mounted heaters are comparatively cheaper and no extra cost is involved in the installation of the wall heater. The wall-mounted heater takes less space. The best wall-mounted heater consumes less energy and can be controlled easily. You are not required to call an electrician to fit the wall heater. With regular screws and nuts, you can fix wall mounted heater easily by yourself.

Choosing A Wall Mounted Heater from WiseWater Alfa Heating Company

Houses that lack floor space should invest in wall-mounted radiators to utilize the vertical space. The wall-mounted heater will make your house look clutter-free while providing warmth in the winters. Wall-mounted radiator heaters are built from corrosion-resistant ADC 12 Aluminum. Wall radiator heaters' temperature rises faster to provide instant heat. The technology of spray paint is used in wall-mounted radiator heaters which guarantee the safety from water. 

The wall-mounted radiator is slim and comes in different sizes and models. They come in standard colors #RAL9010 and #RAL9016. Wall-mounted radiators use strong anti-erosion and anti-friction aluminum. All wall-mounted radiator comes in one height option of 19inches. The test pressure of the wall radiator heater is 290 PSIG. The thermal output BTU/hr depends upon the model of the wall-mounted radiator heater you are going to purchase. It ranges from 495 BTU/hr (Mod. No WDF-I500)to 700 BTU/hr (Mod. No WDF-F500)

How Do I Install a WiseWater Alfa Heating Company Wall Mounted Radiator?

Wall-mounted radiators are easy to hang and they are lightweight. Wall radiator heaters are versatile and can be installed anywhere, from offices to living rooms. Here are the steps to install wall mounted radiator heater in 10 minutes. 

  1. Mark the area where you want to hang the wall-mounted radiator. Spot near the plug is better.
  2. With the help of a stencil and pencil, locate the spot where you would have to drill to secure the holders. 
  3. Hang the wall radiator.
  4. Plug the wall-mounted heater. 
  5. Switch on the wall radiator heater, a display will show up, and adjust the setting as per your need. 

Benefits of Wall Mounted Electric Heaters from WiseWater Alfa Heating Company

  • These electric radiators wall mounded consume less energy which will help you in saving electricity and water bills in cold months.
  • No harmful substances are released by the wall-mounted electric radiator heater. 
  • Despite being electric radiators wall-mounted, they won't bring down the look of your house. With the advanced modular design, you can scale up and down the wall-mounted electric radiator heater as per your requirement. 
  • It has efficient heating, the 6210Btu makes it suitable for any location in the house. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

For a living room, Wall-mounted Aluminum Radiator Heater with 10 sections for room heating, and a hot water system. Product dimension 3x 4x 23 inches is perfect.

Wall-mounted electric radiators are easy to install. With the help of a stencil, mark the area and insert the screws. Hang the electric radiator. Plug the wall-mounted radiator.

Control wall-mounted electric radiators with the buttons on the system. You can adjust the temperature as per your need.

Yes, they are safe and best for the conservatories.

Check out Model No WDF-NDL 500 3.07X3.07X22.9 of Wall mounted electric radiator for the slimmest electric radiator.