Adjustable Water Pressure Regulator with Gauge and Filter, Brass Lead-Free 3/4" NH Thread for Camper, RV Trailer

  • Easy-to-adjust knob can be loosened with a screwdriver to affect the water flow; 0-160psi range
  • Great for use with our portable water heaters; Recommended for RVs, campers, etc.!
  • An included gauge shows the pressure with clear and exact precision and an included filter is easy to remove and clean, which helps the water flow
  • Lead free brass, conforms to potable/drinking water standards
  • Flow direction is made clear by the markings on the piece

This brass rv water pressure regulator is important for any water system, as it shows the pressure of the water and helps you to keep the system running smoothly. Our regulator comes with many features, such as an easily adjustable knob to control the flow/pressure, a gauge to let you know exactly how much water pressure there is, a filter to remove debris in the water and to increase efficiency in the system, and easy-to-read flow directions on the body of the regulator. In addition, the reducer valve is built to reduce the noise caused by water pressure change. 

The lead-free, high-quality brass will help to ensure a healthy system, making this a perfect piece to go with our portable water heaters. Internal parts are made up of a materials (safe for potable water) that are resistant to scaling, which further ensures a long lifespan for the system. The design of the body prevents damage from sudden pressure fluctuations which can cause premature wear.

We highly recommend using this regulator with an RV/Camper so you can enjoy your trip or vacation without worrying about your water system's pressure.