WiseWater High Speed Eco Automatic Hand Dryer, Carbon Brushed Polished Silver Cover, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Compact Design, Easy Installation Warm Wind Hand Blower - Brushed Finish

Wisewater Carbon Brush Motor Hand Dryer is perfect for your next project, featuring a built-in HEPA filter, a high airspeed, and a touch-free infrared sensing system. One of the other features of our Carbon Brush Hand Dryer is how silent in runs, which is only 70dB@1m.

Material: Polished Silver Stainless Steel 304

STRONG POWER, FAST DRYING - Strong airflow 70 m/s wind speed with 1450W high-performance energy efficient, dry hands in 10 seconds perfect for a busy and vastly bathroom.
LOW NOISE - Specially designed pre-installed with noise reduction nozzle that reduces the sound level (dB) compared with other brand models.Perfect for home and commercial use, bathroom, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, hotels, casinos and shopping malls.
DURABLE MATERIAL - Stainless steel 304 silver painted cover, stable, durable, anti-scratch and environmentally friendly. This cover effectively protects the device from rusting and wear and tear effectively implies no ongoing operational costs.
CONVENIENT FOR USE - Dynamic display of power indicator with a touch-free infrared sensor which reduces transmission. 42-inch long power cord help easily mounted on the wall and will serve you long-term with elegant and durable.

Product Information

Model AK2902 Voltage
AC110-130V / AC220-240V Finish
Frequency 50hz / 60hz Motor Power
Rated Power
Case Material
304 Stainless Steel
Weight 10.58lbs

FAQ and Support

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