Hydraulic Oil Coolers FC Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for Oil Cooling 1'' & 1'' BSPT

Hydraulic oil coolers are suitable for heat transfer fluids, lubricating and quenching oils. They are high-quality products incorporating the best materials and the latest technical features. Stainless steel has a higher applicable temperature than copper and it can be used at 400 ° C oil temperature (quenching oil). The stainless steel shell and head are satisfactory with fresh water. For use with contaminated freshwater or seawater, stainless steel 316L construction for tubes and heads and high anti-corrosive titanium material for tubes and heads. The tube stack is fully floating, so that thermal stresses are minimized and it can be easily removed, should cleaning be necessary.


  1. Materials: Stainless Steel 316L, Stainless Steel 304, Titanium
    304 is suitable for freshwater, clean water and river water.
    316 is suitable for low-temperature seawater, salt lake water.
    Titanium is suitable for high-temperature and low-temperature seawater.
  2. Max Working Temperature: 200 degrees C
  3. Design Temperature: 120 degrees C(250°F),150 degrees C(300°F),200 degrees C(390°F)
  4. Max Working Pressure on water Side: 3.5MPa(508PSI)
  5. Max Working Pressure on Oil Side: 3.5MPa(508PSI)
  6. Cooling Water Connector(BSPT): 1"
  7. Hydraulic Oil Connector(BSPT): 1"

*Customization Service

We produce customized applications on different working pressure and temperature.
The more customized designs with floating tube stack, removable head caps, head tank, kettle tube are your options.

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