Electrical Water Heater Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Titanium 1 1/2" BSPT

Alfa swimming pool electrical heat exchanger is small foot print and light weight.Electric heaters offer precise temperature control.Due to thyristor control, Electric heaters have 100% turn down capacity.In electric heaters, the process side energy is driven by electric power hence these are independent, without any need for process hook up.High efficiency since almost all electricity is converted to heat.Same kW electric heater can delivery high element temperature heat to achieve process temperature rise.Instant cold start facility because electricity is converted to heat.


1.Material: Titanium

2.Input Rate: 220,380v, 50Hz

3.Sensor Pocket ID: 8mm

4. Design Pressure: 1.0Mpa

5. Test Pressure:  1.5Mpa

Model L(mm) KW Design Pressure
EHE-2K 290 2 1.0Mpa
EHE-3K 290 3 1.0Mpa
EHE-6K 390 6 1.0Mpa
EHE-9K 520 9 1.0Mpa
EHE-12K 710 12 1.0Mpa
EHE-15K 880 15 1.0Mpa
EHE-18K 1060 18 1.0Mpa



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