Thermal Expansion Tank 39.6gal 3/4" Port

Expansion tanks are a vital part of the water heating system. Water pressure, caused by thermal expansion, is taken care of by the expansion tank, which works as a pressure relief unit. Without expansion tanks, the pipes, pumps, and other components of the heating system could burst. The rubber diaphragm of an expansion tank helps keep unwanted oxygen out of the system, resulting in less system corrosion over time. This product should be installed supply side and/or higher point of return side. Our Expansion Tanks can be used for commercial and residential applications, as well as water booster systems, solar water applications, and potable water storage systems.

Product Information
Model BQ-07-150L Capacity 39.6Gal. / 150L Port Size 3/4" NPT
Min. - Max. Temperature (Potable / Solar) -21.2 - 212F / -21.2 - 181F Max. Pressure 145psi Dimensions 22" x 45.2"


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