Side Arm Heat Exchanger for DHW- 33" Stainless Steel 3/4" & 1"NPT 19,000 Btu/hr

Wisewater Side Arm Heat Exchangers have a compact, lightweight design that allows for a quick and easy installation. Designed with natural thermosiphon heating technology, this heat exchanger is enhanced with fins to allow for higher heat transfer efficiency and to help reduce cross-contamination for potable water. This fin-enhanced design, which is 5-8 times bigger than the traditional bare tube design, produces both significant turbulence on the system side and faster heating at a greater capacity. This type of heat exchanger is recommended for smaller households of about 1-3 people or households with lower hot water usage.

  • Material: stainless steel 304
  • 3/4" FPT (DHW side) and 1" FPT (System side)
  • At 19,000 Btu/hr, this product will help heat the water in a 40gal. tank
  • The sidearm heat exchanger is widely used for Domestic Hot Water Heating(potable water), Outdoor Wood Furnaces, Solar Hot Water Heating, Residential Plumbing
  • 1.5-year warranty against manufacturer's defects and is UL listed.

Product Information

FES-95 Capacity
19,000 Btu Connection Size
(DHW / System)
3/4" / 1"
Water to
Heat Transfer
3.16ft2 C-C Distance
Works with
(Tank Size)

40gal Heat Recovery
3.4 Hours Materials
304 Stainless Steel

150psi Test
225psi Dimensions
33.1" x 2"
Min. Operating
18F Max. Operating
406F     Weight

FAQ and Support

Thermosiphon is a method of heat exchange through convection. By using convection, water from your hot water heater can be drawn up through your heat exchanger without the use of mechanical pumps.

Sidearm Heat Exchanger Size Choosing Guide.pdf
33" works with 40gal. water heaters.
38" works with 60gal. water heaters.
38" Double Wall works with 40gal. water heaters.

The difference between single wall and double wall models is that the second wall helps prevent contamination in the water if a leak should happen. These heat exchangers are recommended for households of 1-3 people or households that don't use as much hot water.