Baby Changing Station - Tan, Horizontal

Our diaper changing stations are made with high-quality antibacterial HDPE materials to prevent cross-contamination, stains, and odor. Once mounted to the wall via mounting bolts (included), this unit becomes a reliable and safe place to change a baby's clothes or diaper. Unlike other designs, our baby change station has a fold down drawer onto a vertical plate. A safety belt keeps the baby in place during the changing and railing further ensures the security of the baby. This baby changing station can easily be installed in a home or commercial setting. The sides of the product are rounded to prevent potential injury, and the product is EN-1221-1 tested & approved. Designed to hold up to 20kg/44lb and is meant for children up to 3 years old.

Product Information

Style Tan, Horizontal Materials Antibacterial HDPE
Dimensions (Open; Closed)
33.6" x 22" x 19.5"; 33.6" x 22" x 4.2"

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