Air to Water Heat Exchanger 18x20 1" Copper Ports

Alfa Air to Water Heat Exchangers also called Water to Air Heat Exchangers.They are designed with high-quality aluminum fins and seamless copper tubes. Despite a fin density of 12 fins per inch, there is low flow resistance. Our models, ideal for both residential and commercial applications, can be used with sources of hot water to create hot air, such as indoor boilers, outdoor wood boilers, natural gas boilers, propane boilers, oil boilers, electric boilers and other hot water heaters or furnace heat exchangers.

  • This particular model has 1" ports and a capacity of 190,000 Btu. 
  • 1-year warranty against manufacturer's defects and is ETL listed.
  • It's widely application in Residential Heating and Cooling, Apartment Buildings and Condominiums, Hybrid Systems, Air Conditioning, Dehumidification, Inverter Cooling, Solar Heat Pumps

Product Information

HTL18x20 Fitting Size
Design Pressure
190,000 Btu Rating

Test Pressure

3 rows of 3/8", copper

12 per inch, aluminum Materials
Steel, Copper, Aluminum
Min. Operating

Max. Operating

Dimensions, Weight
18" x 20" x 3.5", 17.13lb

*Capacity is based on 180F boiler output

Water to Air Heat Exchanger Size Choosing Guide.pdf

FAQ and Support
Does it matter which way I mount it? Does the supply side have to come out of the front of the system or can it face a different way?

You can install it facing whichever way you want, just as long as there's space to do so. It can be installed coming out the opposite side of the plenum or to the side, so long as it's still centered over the airflow and is accessible for you.
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