Marine Intercoolers Titanium

To ensure the combustion performance of the internal combustion engine, the charge air needs to be cooled by intercoolers. Alfa Air to Water Intercoolers are ideal for cooling marine engines as well as various land engines such as generator sets, combined heat and power plants and fire pumps. They are also suitable for facilitating engine testing and development procedures. In addition, Alfa air-water intercooler has high cooling efficiency, compact size, and titanium material that has corrosion resistance which is suitable for seawater environment. Stainless steel material is resistant to corrosion than white copper.


  1. Material: Titanium 
  2. Max Working Pressure on Air side: 3.5MPa(508PSI)
  3. Max Working Pressure on Water side: 3.5MPa(508PSI)
  4. Max Air Inlet Temperature: 200 degrees C

*Customization Service

We produce customized applications on different working pressure and temperature

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