Condensers BL26 Plate Heat Exchangers for Condensation 1" NPT Soldering 24mm

Due to the condensation temperature of the water-cooled condenser is relatively low, which is beneficial to the refrigeration capacity of the compressor and it's economic to operate. This type of condenser is widely used in most refrigeration systems.

Furthermore, the cooling water used in the condenser can be passed through once or recycled. When using circulating water, a cooling water tower or cooling pool must be built to re-cool after the water leaving the condenser for reuse.

The stainless steel 316L materials of Alfa Heating Brazed Heat Exchanger provide exceptional corrosion resistance. They feature corrugated plates that produce highly turbulent flow in a true counter-current direction. This results in high efficiency and a very compact heat exchanger design.


  1. Material: SS316 ( 99.9% Copper brazed)
  2. Condensation Capacity: from 2.5kW to 250kW
  3. Max working temp: 250 degrees C
  4. Max working pressure: 3.0MPa
  5. Test pressure: 4.5 MPa
  6. R22 inlet/out: Soldering 7/8”(24mm)
  7. Water inlet/out: NPT1”
  8. Dimension(*N indicated quantity of plate)
    For example BL26-12D, the plate quantity is 12

     Type A(mm) B(mm) D(mm) Liquid Retardation Volume(Liter) Heat Exchanging Area(m2)
    BL26 9+2.4N 111 310 0.025(N-2) 0.026(N-2)


1.Ground Source Heat Pump
2.Air Conditioning Energy
3.Refrigeration Cycle

*Customization Service

Max working pressure up to 4.5 MPa for R407c

Mounting/support base is available.

Technical calculation support and Temperature sensor port(evaporator) are available.

Condensers Quick Sizing Table.pdf

Heat Exchanger Quote Form Download.pdf

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Please refer to the instruction manual for cleaning, installation, and welding.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Instruction Manual.pdf

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