Electric Hot Water Dispenser 220V 3kW

Product Information
A hot water tap is designed to be fixed onto a sink in order to provide fast and endless hot water. Because of its basic design, it can be used with most sinks and is popular for use in kitchens and bathrooms. It can also be used in places like cabins, apartments, studios, and RVs, where hot water is usually in short supply. Although it runs on electricity, there is insulation between the electric and water sections for your safety and protection. An LED display shows the temperature of the water coming out of the unit.

Product Specifications

Rated Voltage
220V Rated Power
3kW Water Proof Grade
Rated Frequency 50Hz Suitable Water Pressure
0.03 ~ 0.06Mpa

Food Grade ABS, Stainless Steel 304

FAQ and Support

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