WiseWater Under Cabinet Lighting, 12 / 20 Led Closet Lights Motion Sensor Wireless USB Rechargeable Battery with 4 Magnetic Strips for Cupboard

Three modes: The port is set with three switches of AUTO / ON / OFF. In the "ON" mode, the light stays bright for 10 hours; in the "AUTO" mode, it will come on automatically when human motion is sensed within 10ft/120 degree in dark, automatically shuts off after about 15s of no movement, and can work continuously for 3 months; in the "OFF" mode, turn off the closet lights to save costs.
Built-in Motion Sensor: Infrared motion sensing technology is used to automatically detect people moving in the night or day; LED wardrobe closet lights will light up when moving within 15 feet, and will automatically turn off after 15 seconds of inactivity.
USB Rechargeable Under Cabinet Lights: Each lamp carries 12 LED headlamp beads, 1200mAh large-capacity battery provides continuous lighting; with USB interface charger, the charging indicator shows red to indicate insufficient power, and green shows the end of charging, and it can be fully charged in 3 hours.
Easy To Install: The portable wireless motion sensor closet light does not require any tools. Provided metal strip with 3M glue on the back allows you to install it on other non-metal smooth clean surfaces, no drilling or screwing required.
Wide Use: Suitable for your cabinets, closets, cabinets, attics, drawers, garages, vanity mirrors, workstations, kitchens, stairs, wardrobes, etc.

Motion Sensor Closet Light Specification:
Safety lithium battery: 3.7V / 1200mAh
Standby power consumption:0.15W
Lighting current:40mA
Size :170 * 30 * 15
Sensing distance: 4 meters;
Sensing area: 120° three-dimensional cone area
Induction lighting time:15s
Full charge time:3 hours (5V / 1A)
Convenient charging: USB interface charger
Charging indicator light: red indicates the power is low, green indicates charging is over.
Three Work Modes:
1·Induction mode (AUTO): select when automatic induction is required, working time is 3 months
2· Constant light mode (ON): This mode can be selected when lighting is needed for a long time at night, and the working time is 10 hours.
3· OFF mode: If you don't use it for a long time, then you can choose to turn off the light source to reduce standby loss.

Package Includes:

4 LED lights
4 Micro USB cables
4x magic magnetic stripe
1x operating instructions
  • Automatic sensor
  • 1200mAh large-capacity battery
  • Easy To Install