WIsewater - Wall Mounted Child Protection Safety seat

  • QUICK AND EASY TO INSTALL: Comes with clearly installation instructions, following the instructions, you’ll have it assembled in minutes, And comes with a secure and firm mounting screwand, The surface of this chair also is easy to clean and Smooth,doesn't have any rough edges.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE CONSTRUCTION : this wall mount baby changing station made from high high quality HDPE materials, the materials is durable and environmental-friendly. With this materials Increased safety and comfort of child protection seat, Keep your child safe, Maximum weight 125 pounds, the straps and buckle was also durable.
  • DURABLE AND SAFETY THREE-POINT SEAT BELT DESIGN : the built-in strap to hold baby on the chair is sturdy and easy to adjust, Three-point seat belt design can fix the child's leg and shoulders,Prevent the child from falling, the safety straps make from Tough nylon, and the straps can be quickly release by buckle , the buckle also stable and durable,not easy broke.
  • SPACE SAVING ORGANIZER :The Wall Mounted Child Protection Seat Relies on Wall Mounting,and the Wall Mounted Child Protection Seat folding design help you save more space, Keep children safe while not take up too much space.
  • EASY TO OPEN AND CLOSED:The bearing that controls the opening and closing of this chair is quite nice. folding and opening are effortless, The table quietly opes and closes, then stays opened or closed as it's supposed to, without requiring both hands to open or shut it.


Inherently bacterial resistant. The horizontal Wall Mounted Child Protection Seat will support up to

250 pounds with minimal deflection. The product also includes features such as:

safety strap that is liquid-proof and can easily be sanitized, Three-point seat belt design

folding design help you saving a lot of space ,buckle that has a secondary lock and

steel-on-steel hinges that helps meet the rigorous environment of a public washroom.

Main Features

Quick and easy to assembly

Durable and adjustable three-point seat belt design.

folding design helping you save more space.

The bearing that controls of this table making easy and closed the wall mounted child protection seat.

All necessary mounting hardware include

Product Specifications

the maximum support weight :110 lbs

Shipping Weight: 16.53 lbs.

Net weight:11.5 lbs

GW: 12.57KG

Color: white

Item size : 20.07”Lx 13.08 ”Wx 5.7” H

Package Dimension: 21.25”L x 14.5"W x 6.29"H