Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers can elevate any bathroom's look instantly. The bathroom air dryer look's classy and hygienic. People who host get-togethers frequently should buy hand dryers for home. The busier the bathroom gets, the more people will use a towel. The towel gets dirty easily and becomes unhygienic. Bathroom hand dryers come to the rescue in such situations. Electric hand dryers come with a touch-free display and high speed, which saves time and money. Bathroom air dryers are better, and you won't have to worry about filthy towels again.
Buy the best hand dryer for home today. A commercial hand dryer for hotels, hospitals, cafes, and offices is also available. Commercial hand dryers are made from durable and stable material. These electric hand dryers use new technology and make little noise as compared to the old bathroom hand dryers. A brushless electric hand dryer is also available. With a lifespan of 10 years, an intelligent heating system, and a switch to adjust the airflow are the best features of this hand dryer.

Features of WiseWater Hand Dryers 

AlphaHeating offers a highly-functional and well-designed WiseWater High-Speed electric hand dryer. This hand dryer's body is made from stainless steel, durable, anti-scratch, and waterproof. On top of this, these best hand dryers are environment friendly as well. With a strong airflow of 70 m/s, an electric hand dryer dries hands faster. Hand dryers are economical and make low noise as compared to the average electric hand dryer which makes them the best hand dryer.

Why purchase Hand Dryers?

If you haven't considered buying the best hand dryer for your personal use or even commercial. Have a look at the section below that will make you rethink your decision. Hand dryers are beneficial and worth a purchase. 

  • With electric hand dryers, you save money as paper towels are most costly in the long term than the hand dryer.
  • Reduce wastage by switching to electric hand dryers. Paper towels waste results in landfills which is not the case with hand dryers. Best hand dryers are sustainable. 
  • For better hygiene, electric hand dryers should be your first choice.

Which hand dryer should I buy?

If you need a hand dryer for the house and have elderly people around, Buy WiseWater High-Speed Hand Dryer Stainless Steel Carbon Brush - Brushed Finished. These electric hand dryers make low noise. It is super fast and dries hands in 10 seconds. It is the best hand dryer for the big and busy bathroom. It is also rated as the best commercial hand dryer, and you can use it at hospitals, malls, hotels, etc. 

For a more advanced electric hand dryer, try this touch-free LED indicator hand dryer called WiseWater High-Speed Commercial Eco Automatic Hand Dryer, Heavy Duty Stainless steel, Compact Design, Easy Installation, warm Wind Hand Blower- Brushed Finished. 

Buy WiseWater High-Speed Eco Automatic Hand Dryer, Carbon Brushed Polished Silver Cover, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, Compact Design, Easy Installation, Warm Wind Hand Blower - Brushed Finishedfor attractive design, savings on the electricity bill, and touch-free infrared sensor. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as opposed to the popular belief that hand dryers spread bacteria, they are sanitary. Bacteria exist everywhere, on every surface.

If not taken care of properly, like putting a lid on the toilet seat, the risk of spreading bacteria is involved. When the air gets contaminated, feces are born. Hence, keep the air clean.

Both hand dryers and paper towels have merits and demerits. From an economic point of view, hand dryers are better than paper towels. You don't need to replace it again and again. Also, electric hand dryers help in reducing paper wastage.

Most electric hand dryers consume around $15 per month if they are used regularly.

To be on the safe side, always hang the electric hand dryer at least 60 cm away from the sink or any water source.