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Buy top-quality Pumps and Flanges at WiseWater Alfa heating. Best place for all pipe flanges and water circulator pump-related solutions. Pipe flanges connect pipes with each other. There are various kinds of pumps and flanges that you need in plumbing. A Blind pipe flange is used to secure the end of the pipe. Pipe flanges also ensure that the water supply is equal. Pumps and flanges are attached to the water circulation pump with bolting and sealing. Purchase pipe flanges today to get rid of pressure problems in the heating water circulation pump.

What is a Water Pump Flange?

A water pump flange is a device that restricts the air bubbles formed from the heating water circulation system to enter the water circulation pump. During the process of heating water, air bubbles constantly form in the water circulation pump and get collected around the top of the cylinder. They eventually go into the vents and expansion pipes of the heating water circulation pump. With the pump flange, this problem is fixed.
Water Pump Flange comes in different sizes for your heating water circulation pump protection. Buy 1 NPT Circulator Pump Flanges, ¾ NPT Circulator Pump Flanges, and ¼ NPT Circulator Pump Flanges.

What is flange used for?

The flange is an important part of the water circulation pump. This device prevents air bubbles to form and entering the heating water circulation system. When the bubble forms in the heating circulation pump, they rise above and cause various problems such as fluctuation in the temperature, and increased noise in heating the water circulation. In some cases, it can lead to the leak of the water circulation pump. Flange protects the circulation pump heating system from such damage.

Installation of WiseWater Alfa Heating Company Flange

  1. Turn off the electric supply to the water heating system. 
  2. Turn off the water supply. 
  3. Locate the pump. It is installed horizontally with the motor.
  4. Find the opening and install the pipe flange to the top of the head.
  5. Secure it with the help of bolts, and gaskets, and seal it for more security. 
  6. Turn on the water supply but keep all the taps of the house close.
  7. Let the water circulation pump run like usual to ensure there is no leakage. 
  8. Your water circulation pump is ready to use.

How Do You Replace A Flange?

  1. Follow the steps written above
  2. Unscrew the old flange and clean the pipe to remove any sedimentation or accumulated waste. 
  3. Put the new pipe flange in the place and tighten it properly so no air bubble can interrupt the functioning of the pump. 
  4. Check for the leaks by turning on the water supply
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Frequently Asked Questions

A water circulation pump draws hot water from the boiler and through pipes brings it to the faucet. It takes unused cool water back to the source through separate pipes to reheat the water.

It costs around $300 on average to install the circulating pump (not including the plumber's charge)

Usually, the circulation pump heating system is meant to run all day long. The weather conditions also influence the running time of the water circulation pump. You can adjust the temperature accordingly.

After installing the circulation pump heating system, turn it on and set the desired temperature. The circulation pump keeps water hot all day long. Whenever you will use a hot water faucet, you will get the supply of heated water instantly. The water circulation system is meant for domestic use only.

Improper bearing or lubrication, overheating, and overload are some common reasons that result in pressure pump failure.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the hot water cylinder and empty the water taps. 
  2. Unscrew the compression fitting and place the Alphaheating's NPT circulator pump flanges with the screws and bolts. 
  3. Tight it and put back the fittings as they were before. Turn on the water supply back. Keep all taps close and watch for leaks.