Multi-Stage Universal Shower 5-Layer Filter

Product Information
Most water that you receive through your shower-head contains chlorine and other pollutants that can cause serious harm to the body if you are exposed to it long enough. Always make sure you have a water filter in place so that you & your family don't have to be exposed to harmful chlorine.
To replace the filter, simply just unscrew the upper cover, pull out the old filter, and put in the new one.
The filter will have a different lifespan according to your water use and how hard your water is, but it should last between 8-12 months. Before getting in the shower, make sure that the filter runs for 10 seconds so it can get all the pollutants filtered out. Includes 2x replaceable filters.
This filter is not meant to be used for drinking water.

 Product Specifications

Min. Temperature
39F Max. Temperature
176F Materials
ABS Chrome
    Dimensions 3.25" x 3.25" x 5"

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