Oil Cooler Water Cooled BL26 BPHE for Lube Oil /Hydraulic Oil Cooling 1" NPT

Alfa Plate Oil Cooler is a compact and light-weight cooler. Heat exchanging capacity 2-5 times shell&tube oil coolers despite its small dimensions. It consists of corrugated channel plates enclosed by a back and front cover plate. The channel plates are pressed and vacuum-welded in an automatic procedure subject to strict quality controls. The unique plate design provides highly turbulent flow conditions throughout the cooler, the key to efficient cooling. Turbulences prevent deposits from forming to such an extent, that easy to maintenance. It's widely used in plastic machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, automotive, steel, wind power, aerospace applications.


  1. Material: SS316 (99.9% Copper brazed)
  2. Max working temp: 250 degrees C
  3. Max working pressure: 3.0MPa
  4. Test pressure: 4.5MPa
  5. Oil in/out(Water in/out) Ports: 1" NPT
  6. ISO VG68 110C in and Water 80C in

*Customization Service

We produce customized applications on different working pressure and temperature.

Plate Oil Cooler Quick Sizing Table.pdf

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Please refer to the Manual for cleaning, installation, and welding.

Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Manual.pdf

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