WiseWater Outdoor Portable Tankless Propane Gas Water Heater 6L

Thanks to their compact design and portability, this product is great to have for camping trips or other family outings. It can be used at campsites, cabins, homes, studios, apartments, RVs, and other water heater-requiring places. A winter/summer switch allows you to control the gas flow, water flow, and water temperature. A handy summer/winter switch can help save on gas/money by limiting gas use during the warmer months. Our product comes with several accessories to help the unit operate. It is recommended to use this product outdoors, as the unit needs to vent directly outside. Requires 2 D batteries (not included).
What's Included: 1x gas regulator, 1x shower head, 1x shower hose, 1x 1/2" garden hose adapter, and additional fittings. **Pump is not included**

Product Information

Model JSD-6L Capacity 6 Liters
Exhaust Type
Outdoors; Needs to directly vent
Minimum Gas Pressure 20 mbar
Maximum Gas Pressure
35 mbar
Gas Compatibility
Suitable Water Pressure 00.25 ~ 0.1 Mpa
Heat Input
11 - 12 kW Water, Gas Connection Size
G 1/2" Pipe

FAQ and Support

We have worked with heating systems for over 10 years and are happy to help you with any questions or concerns that you may have. You can email us at or call Marah at 717-553-5519 for help with your heating projects.