WiseWater Tankless Gas Water Heater 199,000Btu Natural Gas Outdoor Hot Water Heater

Thanks to their compact design and portability, tankless gas water heaters are great to have for domestic hot water heating in homes or apartments. It can also be used for radiant heating applications. This product has an oxygen-free copper heating element which helps to prolong the life of the unit and water heating system overall, as well as maximize heating efficiency. Although not included, this water heater can be conveniently operated by a remote control. Maintaining the unit and checking its status is easy thanks to the extensive instruction manual included with the unit, simple error codes, and windows on the inside of the unit to show its working condition during annual inspections. Our product comes with several accessories to help the unit operate. Our tankless gas water heaters are designed to be environmentally friendly, and have a patented burner to reduce nitrogen oxides. This product is CSA approved and meets UEF standards. This unit is for outdoor installation only and runs only on natural gas.

FAQ and Support

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