WiseWater Electric Tankless Water Heater 11kW 1/2" NPT

Tankless Electric Water Heaters are a cheaper and more efficient way of heating your home's water. Most systems heat water up even though it's not being used at the time. This product saves on energy and money by heating the water only when you need it heated. Our water heater has an automatic memory feature that stores past input and saves you the hassle of repeatedly setting the temperature. Our product also has a splash-proof transparent ABS casing, a stainless steel heating element that keeps the water's temperature consistent, corrosion- and aging-resistant materials, and other features listed below. This lead-free heater is environmentally friendly, as it saves water and doesn't vent. This product has a 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Our Tankless Electric Water Heaters are ETL listed and NSF certified.

Energy- and Money-Saving - Tankless Electric Water Heaters use around 15-20% less energy compared to regular electric tank water heaters. The percentage could be higher, depending on the amount of hot water use in the household. Regular electric tank water heaters store the hot water for long periods of time, during which the heat slowly escapes. Because the water in the Tankless Electric Water Heater is heated up and used instantly, there's no risk of heat/energy loss. The fact that this product doesn't need to vent also adds to its efficiency.
Unlimited Hot Water - This product works as an instant water heater. When you set it to the temperature you want, it comes out at a steady and consistent rate. Typical electric tank water heaters hold a lot of hot water, but you have to wait for the heat to recover once it's all used up. Our Tankless Electric Water Heaters will always keep showers hot, even if there are many in a row and even if they're long showers.
Cleaner Water Use - Because hot water isn't being stored, mineral deposits and lime scaling are reduced. This also helps keep efficiency at a good rate, as those conditions can negatively affect efficiency.
Easy Installation
- Compact and wall-mountable, this small heater saves on floor space and can be installed above or below a sink.
Multi-Layer Heating Chamber - The heating chamber forms a long circulating water channel, allowing for better heating efficiency.
Protection - This product has protection against: electricity leakage, scalding, over-pressure, and over-temperature. It also has the electricity and water areas separated for safety.
Temperature Control - You can set the temperature directly via thermostat and it will keep the water at a consistent temperature.

LED Display - The display screen shows the temperature, working condition, and outlet temperature. For your convenience, you can set it to display either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Product Information

Model Wise EStar12 Voltage 240V Connection Size 1/2" NPT
Capacity 37,543 Btu
Minimum Water Flow to Activate
0.53 GPM
Amperage 45.83
Temperature Setting Range
86-125F Recommended Wire Size
6 AWG Copper
Water Pressure Range
0-87psi Over-Temperature Protection
Minimum Required Circuit Breaker
Overheat Protection 203F Dimensions, Weight 15" x 10.2" x 3.5",

GPM/Temperature Rise Chart

1.0 GPM
1.5 GPM 2.0 GPM 2.5 GPM 3.0 GPM 3.5 GPM 4.0 GPM

FAQ and Support

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